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Before you step foot into this lengthy blog post, do be sure to read this and this.  Done that?  Good.

Now I’m going to be quoting these blogs and explaining my point of view as an old nullsec pilot.  Because honestly if this is the direction that Team BFF wants to take with nullsec I’m almost better off just dumping all my isk into EOH and playing poker for shits and giggles.  Which I basically already do now.  My EVE account has been off since early June and I currently have no intentions of reupping it.  And no, you can’t have my stuff.

  • Nullsec is the land of opportunity and adventure
  • Nullsec is an area which brings people together in a very strong way
  • Nullsec acts as a rich source of aspirational goals for players of all levels of experience
  • Nullsec provides an area in which players can amass and exercise power over other players
  • Nullsec provides an area in which players can develop a rich, player-centric shared history
  • Nullsec permits extremely rich PvP experiences at all fleet sizes
  • Nullsec allows players to build a home and make a lasting mark on the world
  • Nullsec generates isolated events and on-going stories which energize the playerbase and help drive interest in the game
  • Nullsec conflict destroys large amounts of manufactured goods, which drives the EVE market
  • Nullsec is a place that allows us to distribute high-value resources in a balanced way
  • Nullsec is one of the things that makes EVE interesting and unique

So far so good.  This is basically everything that Nullsec is.  If you want to lead an empire, Nullsec is a great place to do it.  If you want to have an alliance that runs small 10-15 man roams through wormholes and cause havoc and makes a clean getaway using holecrashing HIC’s, You can build that.  If you want to have a place where you can generate economic dominance, by all means.  However, let’s go to the actual plotting and planning.  Let’s shovel some shit, shall we.

  • Nullsec should feel big and uneven
    • Nullsec features should support and enhance the perception that Nullsec is a big place
    • Nullsec features and content should support and enhance a clear perception that some areas of space are “better” than others, measured by a given metric, but the hierarchy does not need to be uniform across different metrics
    • Nullsec features and content should support and enhance the perception that every area of nullsec space is different, in as many ways and to as fine a granularity as is practical

I’m fine with it feeling uneven.  Some areas are better (Providence bad, Branch good.) But how the did this was way too far.  Before you could make money regardless of where you were.  If you were deeper in nullsec you had better chance for faction and officer spawns, while in shallow nullsec you just had to fight basic cheap rats.  But Sanctums still gave out more isk than any mission runner ever could fathom, even in -0.01 truesec.  But what happens?

Thanks, CCP.  That was a rather asshole move.  Now some areas are completely worthless while other areas are complete clusterfucks for sanctums.

  • There should always be another hill to climb, and players should never want to look back
    • Nullsec features and content should actively support the perception that, for all playstyles, there’s always another hill to climb
    • Nullsec features and content should always remind players why they left safe space, and never make them think about going back

Now let me tell you why this is bullshit, and I can sum it up literally in one word: Tritanium.  Empire miners are the true backbone of nullsec operations, while nullsec miners are the backbone of empire R&D.  And this also goes back to the previous point in regards to “nullsec isn’t equal.” in the fact that with the current assfuck lower nullsec is worth less than lowsec (which honestly needs the heartiest look at, considering speedcanes basically fucking over anybody unlucky to walk into a 30 battleship camp).  Someone on Twitter after the Nullsec “fix” was released basically saying that they make more ISK doing L4’s than doing Hubs in -0.2 space.  More people were leaving nullsec for empire because of money making ability.  Along with Incursions (Which I will say until my dying breath are a worthless fluff addition added to the game) most people were actually living better in empire than in shallow nullsec, like Providence and Pure Blind.  I know personally I was making more ISK doing L4 Mining missions than Hubs in KU5R-W.  You hear me, CCP?  Your bullshit update made me look back to empire for cashflow!

  • Doing something just “because it would be cool/neat/awesome” is always a bad idea and will come back to bite you later
    • See: Jump bridges, cyno jammers, Sov 4, AoE doomsdays, titans in general, supercarrier boost… Note that we should still obviously strive to make everything cool/neat/awesome, but when we start off with an awesome idea rather than an actual problem we want to fix or a feature that has a clear, functional and necessary goal, it generally requires painful fixes further down the road

Wait, am I reading this right?  You’re citing Bridges, Cyno Jams, and Titans as “bad ideas”?  Are you completely fucking daft?  Let’s pick this one hard, this is really where the bullshit comes through.

Jump Bridges and Cyno Jammers made for “Secure Systems” where you could work logistics without the fear of some little shit jumping you and lighting a cyno so your shipment gets jacked.  I’m sorry, you’re trying to take the side of the little asshole griefers?  While yes, convoys should have SOME kind of support, people doing personal midnight runs should have to wait for half the alliance to be on to cover his ass while he brings in supplies for profit.  It’s almost as if they’re trying to force people to not do things on their own…  Oh wait, that’s in the second blog:

  • Moving large volumes should be a group effort
    • High-volume shipments should be a special occasion, and as much as possible we should encourage them to be a group activity. These tend to be high-value shipments also, and bringing players together to appreciate and protect the value created, and put them in a position where they’re likely to interact with other groups, is a positive thing.

“…put them in a position where they’re likely to interact with other groups, is a positive thing.”  I’m all for the ‘Dogs of War feed Industry’ concept as an industrialist myself, but COME THE FUCK ON?  Why isn’t the CSM stepping in and slapping their shit?  Oh that’s right, CCP can go “fuck your shit we don’t like you” to the CSM and ignore all input from them.  That’s how they snuck the nullsec assfuck in; it was between CSM councils that this was suggested and implemented.  No testing, no roundtable, just “HEY GUYS WE’RE TAKING A MASSIVE SHIT ON A THIRD OF NULLSEC HOPE YOU DON’T MIND” and the threadnaut in full siege did nothing to their tank.  Yet a 60$ Monacle caused a full panic on CCP’s part, while players were fine with the nullsec assfuck.  Love it.

And regarding the “Sov4” part, I’m not entirely sure what is so bad about this part.  Strategic updates max at 3…

I agree that AoE DD’s were a bad idea (as are most AoE’s in EVE) but to completely throw Titans under the bus and call them a bad idea is just beyond me.  As a nullsec pilot, Titans are truly the logistical backbone when it comes to fleet warfare.  It gets you through to a ‘secure’ system and gets your high power fleet into the fray quicker.  If anything, Titans speed up combat.  Why would you want to take away the movement from these fleets?  Wait, the other blog has the answer:

  • Weak spot for big groups
    • Logistics should be a weakness for larger organizations of players. It should avoid being tedious, but it should remain a major point of concern as size increases, and be one of the primary drawbacks of growing beyond a certain size.
  • Bigger ships/fleets travel slower
    • As the amount of power your fleet can deploy increases, its mobility should decrease. Small, flimsy fleets should always maintain a mobility advantage over big, dangerous ones. This ensures that a wider range of fleet compositions and sizes remain valuable, catering to more preferences and playstyles. It also makes fleet composition more a case of selecting the right tools, and less of just dumping the whole toolbox onto the floor, encouraging players to innovate tactically and strategically.

So basically they don’t want titan warfare anymore because it’s too fast for the size of the fleet?  Do they not realize that it just leaves your dick hanging out for the enemy fleet to see (“HEY GUYS WE’RE HERE COME PEW PEW” and such.) along with being expensive on the end of the titan for fueling the bridge along with fueling their secure POS to store their 14b ship.  And the toolbox comparison is completely retarded.  Combat in EVE is less about a toolbox as it’s more of an intergalactic match of Rock Paper Thundercat.  And it shouldn’t be up to CCP to regulate and delegate different playstyles and preferences, that should be the job of the FC to decide what to fly for what occasion.  You’re not going to bring hellcats to a gatecamp, nor are you going to use Cerbs on a station shoot.  See CCP?  FC’s already are deciding their tools to use and throw into the fray rather than just dumping kitchen sink fleets.  They needed to watch the NC/DRF fights closer to see that most fleets were actually fairly organized (usually on the DRF side near the end of the conflict in Geminate, since NC basically left Geminate to burn after they fought so hard to take it.) and constructed properly instead of just letting it just be thrown around erratically.

  • Sole source of ice and high-end minerals
    • For further discussion. Nullsec should be the only place we’re injecting (at least some of the) ices, zydrine, megacyte and morphite into the game. This ensures that nullsec mining retains a unique value proposition, and guarantees that mining time for these types is priced according the risk and effort involved in nullsec extraction.

And this points back to the logistics earlier.  Why the fuck would you do something as stupid as this when people are more likely to just invent in highsec like normal civilized people and go to Jita?  Oh that’s right, there’s this retarded quote:

  • Geared towards T2
    • Our current proposal is that hisec is for volume T1 goods, lowsec will be for meta/faction gear eventually, nullsec is for T2, and wormholes are for T3

Yet they already know that people are generally lazy and will just go to Jita:

  • People like to do one-stop shopping, and will “go to Jita” for everything unless doing so is comparatively very inconvenient
    • See: moon mineral distribution, high-strength booster resource distribution, neither of which achieved much in the way of the nullsec-to-nullsec trade that they hoped to encourage

Why did Nullsec-to-nullsec trade faulter?  People are greedy fucks and want all the isk to themselves.  Also keep in mind the greater internet fuckwad theory:

People are going to be complete fuckwads.  End of discussion.  Why do you think 0rphanage and TEARS camp the Jita 4-4 undock? Why do they keep the high end nullsecs on constant wardec?  Why do pirates camp lowsec highway gates?  Cheap easy free kills.  So you honestly think that there’s going to be civility between neutral parties within nullsec?  That’s why CVA failed; NRDS doesn’t fucking work, period.  Every major nullsec alliance adopts NBSI, which basically means “If we don’t like you, let’s introduce you to our guns.” with very little room for diplomacy.  Life is not full of hugs and cuddles and people farting rainbows…Well except for that last part, I think there’s some of that going on in California.  But life is full of assholes, and if you give them the ability to be anonymous while being a complete douchebag, they’re GOING to be a complete douchebag.

  • Diverse fleets
    • There should be good reasons to field a diverse fleet at this scale, with as many ship classes as possible having a clear reason to be fielded. Diversity here allows more players to fly the sorts of ships that they prefer in large fights; it allows players to specialize more and have that specialization mark them out from others; and it creates more tactical options which should make the fights more interesting. Homogeneous fleets are workable but bland.

Now let me tell you that this has to be one of the ten dumbest things in the devblogs.  To call homogenous fleets “workable” is a flat out insult to the FC’s that field them.  You don’t want to bring drakes on an armor fleet, nor would you bring Zealots to a speed fleet.  When everything in a fleet -works- the fleet is an efficient and deadly machine raining death on their enemies.  When you have a kitchen sink fleet running about odds are good you can catch them with a small gang and completely fuck their ass.  Also, this devblog says that “Small Combat” is 5-50 ships while “Large combat” is 100+.  What about 51-99 ship fleets?  Do these just not exist in CCP land?  Two wing fleets very much exist, and are especially dangerous in SniperHAC or speed fleets.   So I am under the assumption that fleets getting completely trashed is a good thing, yet flying in an efficient killing machine is ‘Bland’?  Gee, I sure have a different definition of Fun than CCP.  I assume they didn’t watch ANY part of the last two or three Alliance tournaments.  Themed fleets usually pounded the shit out of kitchen sink fleets on a consistent basis throughout the tournament.  I will say though that the “Turtleball” incident was really dickish, but working proof of a legitimate fleet setup that is not only efficient but by no means bland: Spider fleets.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting.  I hope someone at CCP reads this heavy nitpick on their nullsec design and takes some of my words to heart.  I’ve flown nullsec under three of the major flags in EVE (ATLAS PRIMARY., NC, and DRF) So I should have SOME understanding of what the fuck I’m talking about.  But if CCP actually greenlights all the things that Team BFF are considering, then I might as well just uninstall EVE from my computer and maybe start playing WoW or Everquest or some other horribly generic MMO.


This new PI system is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.


Okay, MSPA references aside, time to my gripe.  I just, literally, spent the last hour trying to find a decent place to extract from on two of my planets.  The scanner just flat out lies and the ECU is complete bullshit.  Here, lemme show you what I mean:

45,561 units of Noble Metals an hour?  That’s not that great, but it’ll do.  Let’s just set the cycle in motion…





20,665 an hour.  That’s less than half of what was projected.  And this is the best site within range of the ECU, keep in mind.  Expanding my search of sites, I widen the range and I find a nice heavy pocket near the edge of my ECU’s range.




40,718 Not too shabby, but I know this ECU lies.  What is it really pulling at this location?






38,156.  Not too big of a dip, but I know I need 42,000/hr to have operations run smoothly on my Gas.  Fast foreward an hour, and I finally find a spot that can actually keep up with demands on my Gas planet.




103% efficiency than what the ECU claimed.  Still, to have to work for an HOUR to do something that used to take me less than five minutes to do with the old system for LESS product?  CCP, you dropped the ball bigtime here.  The new PI system is more work for less profit as compared to the old system with a few new features that should have been in the system since day 1 (like upgradable command centers) but these new ECU’s are complete bullshit.  I know you’re trying to keep the system more dynamic so that it becomes more of a task that industrialists have to work on to manage than something that a PVP pilot can just set up once and click it every now and then for a passive income to fuel their need to shoot other people.  What’s next, a minigame for the people that harvest datacores?  They already did the work to get up to the damn agents for them, but since it’s passive income they can’t have that?  All I ask is a little consistency with the ECU’s so that I don’t have to spend so much time actually getting the damn thing balanced and spending more time playing your game.

And it’s quite a big one. Formatting images for my upcoming rant.

oh god

the faces

the horrible horrible faces

Well fuck.

Pandemic Legion is moving into X-7O.

There goes the neighborhood.

On an unrelated note…

I love my Firetail.

3466mm scan res, 31xx m/s speed with MWD on, and is stable. Just add 50 warrior II’s and it becomes an instalock ball of arty DEATH.

Join Shield Fleet
We go on a POS bashing spree.

Armor fleet supposedly gets a titan kill.

Fuck my life.

I hate my job

It just seems to constantly coincide with major happenings in my alliance. half hour before work there’s a major fleet fight going on RIGHT NOW. :<

Planetary Infrastructure: How I do it

One of the things that comes up a lot, even since Tyrannis was implemented in May, is “How do I set up my planet?”  I see people trying to harvest enough to run one P2 processor for a POS fuel and throwing their hands up saying it’s not worth it.  Personally, I think they’re taking the concept too quickly.  Do we have a ship that builds modules and ships that we park in the asteroid belt?  No!  We do that in stations and in starbases.  They haul the ore to a processing area, refine them into usable items, and then use the refined minerals to build with.  So why should it be any different on the planets?  Why try to have an end product be made on the same planet as the refining and harvesting?

That’s where my concept comes in:  I have very meager skills (Command Centers 4, Interplanetary consolidation 3, Remote Sensing 3) and I’m making plenty of POS gas, probably enough to fuel one and a half for a day, per day.  Here are my setups, with notes on how much I’m harvesting and other things.